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Artlaws differ among countries. Contracts may be valid today, but regulations can change tomorrow. So where to find good advice and best practices when your are responsible for just one piece of Art or even an extensive Art Collection.

Knowledge Network

It’s easy to find information on the various aspects of Artlaws. However, most questions aren’t that easy to answer. That’s why we work as an international network of experts who like to share their knowledge and insights.

Workshops Webinars

Be prepared if your work in the field of Art. In our workshops on site or online we simulate tricky situations that may occur. Cases based on authentic law practice. Participants with different backgrounds learn to solve the case. Our tutors will give guidance and support.

Courses Seminars

Just bring us up to speed in a couple of days. What’s Art Laws all about? We develop courses that fit your specific situation or need. Talk with one of our teachers and explore the possibilities.

Do you have a question or remark? Would you like to subscribe to a course or workshop? Please get in touch! We would like to extend our Artlaws network. With universities, legal practices, cultural institutes, art-galleries and insurance companies. Sharing knowledge about the differences and similarities in international law systems and share practical, case based experience, among lawyers, collectors, artists, curators and authorities. Think of all aspects; from buying to donations and from transportation to investigation.

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DFDL Legal and Tax services Singapore

dfdl-logoWe use our international connections on a daily base

Marcus CollinsMarcus Collins has been a legal practitioner since 1983 and is dual qualified in the Netherlands and as in New York. Marcus has worked for magic circle law firms and major NYC firms in Amsterdam, New York, Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta and is currently a partner in an international firm specializing in emerging markets. He advises on a wide variety of transactions including finance, commercial and commercial litigation. Marcus comes from a family of artists and art law is an area of law which has his special interest. He is a guest lecturer at the University of Maastricht Law School on art law subjects and is a fellow of the Maastricht Center for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (“MACC”).

Maastricht University

UM_logo_FCValue added collaboration between public and private partners

Hildegard Schneider

Hildegard Schneider is the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Maastricht University. She has lectured in art law for more than twenty years and has regularly convened international workshops and conferences on cultural law on an almost yearly basis. She has published a number of contributions in this field. Hildegard is a fellow of the Maastricht Center for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (“MACC”).



Lars van Vliet

Lars van Vliet is a lecturer at Maastricht University specialising in comparative property law and company law. He wrote many publications about transfer of ownership of movable property, reclaiming stolen art and bona fide purchase in various jurisdictions. Currently he advises the attorneys of a museum in California in legal proceedings concerning the ownership of art works. Lars is a fellow of the Maastricht Center for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (“MACC”).

Leuven University


kuleuvenA mix of disciplines

Bert Demarsin Bert Demarsin is a senior researcher at the KU Leuven Law School. He is campus dean of KU Leuven campus in Brussels and teaches numerous courses, such as Legal Methodology, Introduction to Law and Art and Cultural Heritage Law. He published several articles about the private law aspects of reclaiming art and bona fide purchase in various jurisdictions.

Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel

International orientation for our studentsHUB


mm_logocooperate independently of place, time and language, within a framework of professionals

Murk Muller Murk Muller is initiator of a number of ground-breaking projects for Web 2.0 in the legal world, such as (LEXML, RDF Legal Dictionary), as well as bringing into practice revolutionary ideas for new forms of organisation, communication and cooperation for legal professionals, expressed in “Anwaltsladen”. Murk is university adjunct professor of the Law School of University Maastricht.